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My Existence is Resistance

I am a threat to the State of Israel.

Well, according to Israel’s 70:30 demographic laws, the very existence of a Palestinian is a threat to the survival of the Jewish state.  I am Palestinian.  Therefore, my existence, the fact that I am alive in this world, threatens an entire state.  The policy requires that Israel maintain a 70 percent Jewish majority over the Palestinian population so as to preserve what Israel views as the demographic balance required to continue its survival.

In my opinion, Israel is afraid we’ll outbreed them and I’ll tell you why.  Anyone with a Palestinian friend knows that it’s not uncommon to have eight or ten children – we like to have babies.  Israelis on the other hand, have small families and are actually encouraged by the government to keep procreating to increase the Israeli population.  Birthright trips funded by Jewish organizations bring young Jews to Israel to visit and hopefully fall in love with the land promised to them by God. This is all in further efforts to increase the Israeli population.  However, Israel is faced with the natural population growth of Palestinians and in an attempt to reduce their number and increase the Israeli population, the Israeli government has implemented several policies.

Don’t give Palestinians building permits to meet the housing needs of the natural population growth.  Cut off water supplies so the traditionally agricultural indigenous people are unable to harvest their crops.   Put up a 24-foot concrete wall in the middle of their village and geographically split and isolate entire families and communities. Place checkpoints every few miles and deprive them of the freedom of movement.  Deny them access to crucial healthcare and force their women to give birth at those same checkpoints.  Deprive them of the right to walk, let alone drive, on Jewish-only roads.  And if they still haven’t left, deport them without their knowledge and hope they won’t take Israel to court to fight for their legitimate right to reside in their homeland.

So if Israel does all these things to Palestinians, why hasn’t the international community intervened?  Anyone that has taken Professors Crooms or Motala’s classes will be able to rattle off the international laws and rights breached by the above.  Yet when the Palestinian Authority approached the United Nations to apply for statehood so as to have standing in the International Criminal Court to bring the State of Israel to justice, the Security Council effectively told 4 million Palestinians, we recognize that you are being systematically oppressed and ethnically cleansed, but are unable to do anything for you because the United States and Israel are strange bedfellows, and we have to keep the U.S. happy so they can keep Israel happy.  And as long as the U.S. has U.N. veto rights, under current international law and U.S. foreign policies, Palestinians will never find justice.

Here I am thinking law school would matter in my struggle as a Palestinian occupied by Israel, but it’s simpler than that.  My very existence is resistance.

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