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Howard University School of Law’s Response to State of Florida v. George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman is not innocent, he was found not guilty of the charges of Second Degree Murder or Manslaughter. This verdict was not about justice for Trayvon Martin which he deserved. We are profoundly saddened by this verdict because it means that there is yet another unarmed young black male’s death at the hands of someone relying on racial stereotypes. This is why last year, Howard Law students insisted on raising the profile of this case by creating a video, “Am I Suspicious,” which was posted on YouTube and why they rallied with others in Washington, DC, and in Florida to have Zimmerman charged.

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Spring 2013 Edition


Spring 2013 Edition–

Please stop by the library circulation desk for a physical copy.

Thank-you everyone for your time and support!!

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Howard Law Summer and Fall Course Schedule Links

Howard University School of Law Summer Schedule (PDF)



Howard University School of Law Fall Schedule (PDF)



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The Obama Doctrine

North Korea: A test for the Obama doctrine

US Secretary of State John Kerry attends a news conference in Beijing (13 April 2013) John Kerry held talks with top Chinese diplomats as part of US efforts to tackle the North Korean crisis

John Kerry’s trip to the East as the North Korean crisis unfolds is an important test of his diplomatic skills.

It is also a huge test for some of the most important elements of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy – the Obama doctrine, if you like.

At the heart of that doctrine is Obama’s determination to act through alliances of the unwilling, or at least extremely reluctant. He wants to turn rivals and even enemies into partners of a sort, when it comes to policing the world.

No country is more important in this regard than China.

He wants to “pivot to Asia” – believing America has focused too much on the Middle East at the expense of the region that will be a growing source of an American prosperity in the future. At least that’s the given reason.

I suspect he also is well aware it will be the crucible of the most important ideological and political battles of the future, between dictatorship and democracy, open markets and closed systems. No country is more important in this regard than China.

And of course no country has more influence with North Korea than China.

Critical test

Kerry’s visit to Beijing has produced some measure of agreement with the secretary of state claiming that China is “very serious” about the denuclearisation on the peninsula.

China has good reason to warn North Korea, as its Foreign Minister Wang Yi did last week that “the situation’s development on the peninsula will not necessarily go according to the ideas and expectations of the DPRK [North Korea”.

It is often said that China is North Korea’s only ally. It is more remarkable that North Korea is just about China’s only ally, at least in the immediate region. That doesn’t say much about the soft power of this growing superpower.

Obama’s pivot is sometimes seen by China as America not only turning to face the region, but adopting a more aggressive posture as it does so. It fears being encircled and contained by the US, in alliance with countries hostile to its interests.

Before this latest North Korean escalation America beefed up its deployment of marines in Australia and conducted more exercises with the Philippines.

The North Korean crisis not only justifies America moving more hardware into the region, it also pushes fearful allies to welcome America’s strong embrace.

It has prompted China’s old enemy, Japan, to move its missiles around and has given Japan’s new prime minister the excuse he was looking for to challenge constitutional constraints of the growth of military power.

A long-term resolution to North Korea’s nuclear ambitions would strip much of the rationale from the military part of Obama’s pivot. That would be a gift for China, as would the moral kudos that would flow from defusing regional tension.

This moment is a critical test for the world’s most important big power relationship, one which may have repercussions for years to come. 

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Bad Credit? Start Tweeting

At a congressional hearing in 1912, an attorney asked John Pierpont “J.P.” Morgan if a man’s money and property was the most important factor in lending money.

Mr. Morgan responded, “No, sir; the first thing is character.”

It is a line that Jeff Stewart, the co-founder of Lenddo Ltd., an online lending startup, frequently likes to cite.

Mr. Stewart is part of a growing group of entrepreneurs who believe that online reputations can tell lenders more about a person’s trustworthiness than the FICO score, the ubiquitous credit-rating score popularized by Fair Isaac Corp.

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Police and Prosecutors Getting More Involved in Exonerations

Police and prosecutors Getting More Involved in Exonerations

I was hopeful after reading this article.  I worked on a project that involved prosecutorial misconduct cases.  I was convinced that I would be a public defender after reading those cases!  Really!  But this article gave me a little more hope.

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Redskins name goes before federal trademark board, but for this writer, there’s no debate




I want to see both sides in this. I really do. But two hours after the meaning of the name of Washington’s pro football team was vigorously debated before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board last week in Alexandria, I better understood why I will always be aligned with those who want the name changed.

On one side, in the middle of the courthouse’s atrium, stood the well-coiffed, handsome representative of the team, Bruce Allen — son of George, the late legendary coach; ballboy for Sonny and Billy and the rest of the Over the Hill Gang. Bruce has worked for other NFL franchises, but the team’s current general manager has, deep down, always been what he calls a “proud Redskin,” through and through.

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